Bed Bully, Pt. 5

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Part V

Sebastian insisted they take Hazel’s car instead of his.

“In case you want to leave,” he said to her from the passenger seat of her blue Audi. “If for any reason you aren’t comfortable, you can go since you’ll already have a ride.”

Hazel glanced at him then refocused on the road ahead of herself. “Where are we going? And why would I be uncomfortable?”

He grinned. “Just covering all basis, you know? And I’ll let you know when we get there.”

Sebastian guided their short trip the entire time. Instructing her on what expressway to enter, which exit to take, and what streets to turn onto. She couldn’t make out a single street sign in the dark of the night. Thankfully, Hazel never relied on street signs to get around, only landmarks and standout buildings she saved to memory.

About half an hour after they left her apartment in Brooklyn, they arrived to a building on a quiet corner in Manhattan.

Sebastian pointed to their left. “Park over there.”

Other cars, all high-end, were parked diagonally like dominoes pieces in a well-formed fashion. Hazel drove through the lot and parked her car as instructed.

Up a paved brick road, Hazel followed behind Sebastian, glancing over her shoulder as they approached a steel door. She pulled her denim jacket closed over her black crew neck tee to shield herself from the early morning cold.

On that door was a simple keyhole. No locks, no peephole. Not even a doorknob. Only a spot for a single key.

Sebastian pulled out a set of house keys and singled out a key that looked like it was more for a car and not a door.

Hazel swallowed hard.

On the surface she was cool but inside her heart was thumping so hard she could feel it in her head. Here she was out with a stranger in an unfamiliar part of town. Fine, she knew him but not well enough. He only delivered her packages. What else did she know about him?

“What am I doing?” she asked herself.

“Stepping outside your comfort zone,” he answered for her. “For once.”

“And how do you know I don’t step out of my comfort zone often enough?”

He snickered. “It’s so obvious you don’t.”

She scoffed.

A heavyset guard standing on the other side of that door greeted them the moment Sebastian pushed it open.

Sebastian offered a head nod while Hazel forced a smile.

The place glowed red. A horizontal line of red light bulbs hung overhead from the ceiling as the two walked down a narrow hall. Hazel examined the walls that were glossy and noticed the floors were too. The bottom of their shoes tapping against those floors echoed around them. The air was thick with the merriment of colognes and perfumes competing for dominance.

Hazel thought she was crazy when her ears picked up on out of sync moans forcing their ways out of closed doors also made of steel. Much like the door they walked through, these individual doors had no peepholes, doorknobs, or locks. Only keyholes.

The space resembled an apartment building, the doors serving as units.

“Where the hell did you bring me?” she asked in a loud whisper.

Sebastian chuckled and stopped in front of one of those doors. This one was  labeled with the initials SC. “This is us.”


“Sebastian Cuffington.”

She smirked. “Oh right. Well, nice to meet you again.”

He laughed, his voice bouncing off the walls as he inserted and turned the key in the lock.

The door unlocking echoed throughout the hallway and the moment Sebastian pushed the door opened, Hazel’s jaw dropped.

A sheer curtain hung over the door which Hazel peeled opened as she entered the room.

“Shoes off,” he said.

As they stepped out of their footwear, Hazel’s eyes moved around the space.

Straight ahead, a long table with velvet red cushions sat in a far corner and a curvy red velvet couch shaped like a horizontal S was positioned feet in front of her. A leather harness hung nearby by sturdy gold chains attached to a wall. On the opposite wall there were metal restraints that formed an X.

Hazel tilted her head back and stared up to find the entire ceiling made of mirrors.

On one side of the room, above the couch, was a black cork-board with matte gold nails protruding from it. Dangling from those nails by tiny matching hooks were blindfolds, handcuffs, paddles, and a leather whip.

She turned to glare at him. “Where the hell am I?”

“My playroom. I rent this space. The building’s owner rents out all the units here.” He grinned. “Welcome.”

“Your playroom?” She questioned. “What do you do in here?”

“I can better show you if you like.”

Hazel looked around herself again, her eyes falling on the restraints dangling off the side of that long table with the velvet cushions.

“This is insane,” she said, turning her feet to the door and heading that way. “I’m out of here.”


She stopped walking and turned to face him again.

“Okay? That’s it?” She questioned. “You’re not even gonna stop me?”

“This is why I insisted you bring your car.” Sebastian took a seat at the edge of the couch and faced her. “This is a sex positive environment Hazel. We leave hang ups in that alley outside the front door. If you’re too uptight to let your guard down to have a little fun, then…” He shrugged. “I won’t force you to stay. That’s not what this is.”

“So then what is this?”

Sebastian stood to his feet and made his way to her.

Hazel stepped back from him and kept stepping back until the frame of that curtained steel door stopped her. The cold texture of the frame against her skin caused her to gasp.

Sebastian took his time to meet her there.

“When was the last time you went with the flow?”

He slid his hand over the hem of her shirt when he was close, grazing his fingers along the band of her jeans.

“To allow someone other than you to lead?”

“Excuse me?”

“Take a break. Let someone else have total control over you, Hazel.”

He reached for the button on her jeans to unfasten it and she didn’t stop him. Only stared in his eyes.

“Step your legs apart,” he told her once he had the button undone.

“Say please.” She grinned.

He laughed. “No.”

She furrowed her brows. “No? Who are you? What happened to the nice and polite guy who picks up my packages?”

“He’s off the clock. And he’s not allowed in this room.”

She licked her lips and moaned.

Sebastian brought his hand to her mouth and ran his fingertips along the seam of her lips.

“Besides… I don’t say please in this room. You do.” He tapped her hip. “Now your legs… step them apart.”

At her pace, she did as he said.

He moaned as his digits slipped into her jeans and slid over her lower lips. Bit his bottom lip when his fingertips eased in and took her temperature. Swiped his tongue between his lips when her mouth opened in response the second he circled her clit once.

“Do you like that?”


She grabbed a handful of a fold on the curtain that hung in front of the steel door behind her  and exhaled all the air she had in her.

With Sebastian standing so close, she felt his hard-on against her leg through his jeans. “Do you feel that?” he asked.

She nodded.

“That’s what you do to me,” he whispered. “Now step your legs apart wider.” And again, she obeyed.

With his free hand and without interrupting the manual pleasure he provided, Sebastian slid his other hand behind her and into her jeans, palming her cheeks.

“I like you.” He grinned. “You listen well.”

He could have told Hazel the room was on fire and she wouldn’t care. His hands on her had her mind on another plane, her eyes closed but his movement clear as she imagined what it looked like from another view having Sebastian please her with only his hand.

He moved in closer and pressed his lips against hers. On them he whispered, “I’ve been patiently waiting to calm you down.”

She opened her eyes to his and smirked.

“So,” Sebastian began, “Do I have your permission?”

She nodded and said, “Yes.”

“I want you to say it.”

He pressed his finger firmer to her pink ball and her knees buckled.

“You have it.”

“I need to hear you say it word for word.”

“You have my permission,” she said.

A slow smile pushed Sebastian’s cheeks back and with him as close as he was, the girth of his hard-on pushed more against her thigh.

“Good. Now let’s have a little fun.”

He walked her to the couch shaped like a horizontal S and told her to sit. Stood in front of her and she watched him remove every item of clothing starting with his belt.

He flung his clothes here and there but his belt he placed on the top curve of the couch beside her.

“Turn around,” he instructed and Hazel obeyed.

“I have very specific and easy to follow rules. Such as how I would like you to address me.”

She arched both brows.

“But we can discuss that another time.” He smiled. “And usually, I use my tools to play but since you’re new to me, I’ll tame myself for your comfort.”

Hazel glanced over her shoulder at him.

“I wouldn’t want to scare you our first time.”

Her eyes bulged a little.

“Turn around.”

She did. But when Sebastian gently put her wrists together behind her and the cold leather of the belt laid against the thin skin above her hands, she pulled away.

“What are you doing?”

“You gave me permission.”

She laughed, her voice cracking. “Yeah, so?”


“I don’t know about this—”

“I won’t hurt you,” he said, his face serious, his eyes sincere and locked on hers. “Everything I’ll do to you you’ll like and if you don’t, you can tell me you don’t and I’ll stop immediately. I’ll stop right now. Just say the word.”

She looked away, thinking.

“But this,” he said, reaching for her chin and gently moving her focus back on him. “I’m sure you’ll like it more than you fear.”

She blinked in response, curious.

Hazel swallowed hard and slowly turned around, her eyes remained on his until she had her back facing him.

Her heart raced as she allowed Sebastian to press her wrists together and to keep them secured with his belt.

He pushed his hand against the space above her lower back and encouraged her to lean over the top curve of the couch a little more. Hooked his fingers at the sides of her jeans and slid them along with her panties down to the nook behind her knees. He ran the palm of his hand over the roundest part of her backside. Just as smooth he drew his hand back, only a little, and moved it swift through the air, landing hard against her ass.

She gasped, held her breath, and then pressed her chin to her shoulder to glare at him.

Her exhales were audible when he leaned toward her, pressed his hand to her back and made her lean over the curve of the couch again.


Again, he spanked and again she gasped. By the third slap, her walls pulsed twice in response and she shocked herself when she moaned at her skin colliding with his palm.

That one part of her body stung and felt hot to the touch. To her surprise the sensation was… good.

Soon the warmth of his lips found a place near that spot where he kissed her twice then circled the tip of his tongue along her cheek.

“Face me,” he said on her.

In front of her he dropped to his knees. Removed her jeans then gripped the sides of her thighs to pull her to the edge of the couch and toward his wet tongue.

With her wrists still bound and without hesitation, down in front of her Sebastian traced the sphere of her clit. Once slow then twice quick . Lapped at her nectar like it was his only source of hydration. Dipped and swirled his tongue inside her indulging in her discrete taste.

Hazel’s moans were beyond audible. Thankfully the walls in Sebastian’s playroom were thick, thicker than the other units in the building. At least thick enough to swallow the noises and to keep them contained between only them two.

He kept at a pace, whipping and teasing until she was so close to his face he could inhale her like air. And when she felt a hint of her release prepared to take her over, he pulled away slowly.

She laid there propped up by the top curve of the couch, panting, her folds glistening under the room’s lights and slightly pulsing. Hazel ached for the release. All she needed was another swipe of that tongue.

“Why’d you stop? I was right there.”

“I know,” he replied, wrapping his arm around her briefly to free her wrists from their bind.

He flung the belt behind himself and pulled her closer to the edge by her legs, making a place for himself between them.

He rolled a condom down his shaft and held her by the ankles, using them to push her legs back and toward her ears. Balancing himself on one knee on the couch with one foot planted on the floor beneath them, he slid in slow, only a little, before retreating and doing it again.

“Ooooh!” she hollered, her nails clawing the couch.

“Shh,” he whispered. “You can take it all for me.”

Hazel bit at her lip and braced herself. Relaxing enough for Sebastian to fill her up.

“This is mine now anyway,” he uttered, his pumps soon concise, his hands slowly gliding up the space between her breasts. He leaned forward and pressed one hand beside her head on the couch’s curve, slowly smoothing the other around her neck.

She gasped, her hands wrapping around his wrist, holding it tighter than he held Hazel below her chin.

The sound of their bodies meeting echoed around them. Sebastian leaned back for balance, grabbed her hands and removed them from around his wrists.

“You are not to come without my permission, understood?” he asked through his panting.

When she didn’t oblige he sped his pace, the sensation so distracting she forgot to breathe.

“Hazel, do you understand?”

“I understand,” she moaned.

He grinned and pulled out. Flipped her over and yanked her up by the hips. Held her steady as he slid in again but kept still. Instead he licked the tip of his finger, placed it on her pink button and massaged.

She gripped the side of the couch, dropped her head between her shoulders and exhaled.

He circled the pad of his finger along the surface as she wined her waist to his motions. Sebastian kept at it until she got that release she’d been pining for, her walls hugging and releasing him repeatedly as she climaxed all over his erection.

She fell to the couch to catch her breath. He responded by grabbing a handful of her hair and pulling it to bring her close to him, but not too hard to cause pain.

“You did not ask for permission,” he said in her ear. “I’m gonna have to make you pay for that.”

She grunted… and grinned.

Her honey dripped as he started the first series of pumping in and out of her from the back. He used her tresses to help her meet his thrusts. She whimpered below him, grinding her hips against him while he continued to serve.

“May I, please?” she said through her moans.”

“No.” He growled.

And as he requested, she let him do all the things he wanted. Up against his playroom’s wall, over the long table. She left wet prints of her breasts all over the cushion’s velvet fabric. She’d try to run from his serves but he would always get her right back into position.

He finished her on the carpeted floor. His lips pressed against hers. Sebastian gave it to her so good when she closed her eyes she saw colors she’d never seen before.

She tasted herself on his lips.

Rug burns seared her backside.

Handprints left her skin hot.

Any oils she applied that day were now mixed in with sweat by the time he got his after giving her plenty.

As she laid there, completely out of breath, her face down on that carpet the fibers tickling her cheeks with each inhale she forced through her mouth, Hazel tried to catch her breath after he hand-delivered her third release for the night.

When she’d finally regained control over her breathing, she took a deep breath in, stared at his reflection through the ceiling’s mirrors up above, and on her exhale she told him, “More please.”



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