Bed Bully, Pt. 4

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Part IV

Knock. Knock. Knock.

He didn’t ring the bell this time. He always rang the bell when he showed up on her doorstep for his scheduled pickups.

The rain outside hadn’t let up. In fact, it was raining harder. The sound of raindrops hammering against the concrete outside made that evident.

“Who?” she asked from her couch.

Hazel hadn’t even bothered to get dressed. She only kept on her gray robe. Nothing underneath.

“Sebastian should already know what’s up, anyway. No need to pretend,” she told herself as she prepared for his visit.

“It’s Sebastian,” he answered on the other side of her door.

Her heart rate sped up. She knew he was coming to her house. He told her that. But there was something about him showing up, after midnight no less, to service something other than her mail requests.

She cleared her throat and took large steps toward the door. In front, she pressed her hand against the polished wooden surface, took a deep breath and turned the locks unlocking them.

When she opened the door, there he stood, already smirking.

“What’s that look about?” she asked.

His eyes drank her in from the top of her robe to her bare feet. He leaned in just a little and placed his finger to the slit at the top of her robe, sneaking a peek inside.

She quickly gathered the fabric together and stepped back. “So soon?”

“Nothing on?” He grinned. “Nice.”

He pressed his hand to the door above her head and opened it wider for him to step through. Hazel wanted to say something but the words wouldn’t materialize. Instead she closed the door once he was inside.

He wore black jeans and a t-shirt under his black leather bomber jacket. Specs of rain dotted the shoulders and arms of that jacket but she wasn’t paying much attention to that. Her eyes focused on his crotch and the outline of his staff. It laid there, teasing her, making it impossible for her to turn away.

Sebastian didn’t move an inch, aware of what held her attention. He pulled off his bomber jacket though, nice and slow. When he tossed it to the couch behind him, the sound of his jacket hitting the cushions of the couch broke her focus.

“Like what you see?” he queried.

“Do you want something to drink?” she countered.

She was making her way to her kitchen when he said, “You’re  always answering a question with a question.”

She rolled her eyes.

“And don’t bother with that drink,” he added.

She turned to face him.

Sebastian approached her and when he was close, he tilted her head back by her chin.

“This is only a dick appointment. Should I really get comfortable?”

Her knees got a little weak standing this close to him. “No, you shouldn’t.”

She moved him back just a touch so she could walk toward her bedroom.

“My room is this way.”

Sebastian caught her by the arm and gently pulled her back to her spot in front of him. “Bedrooms are boring,” he said.

Hazel’s breaths became heavy again, her body suddenly heavier.

Where it counted the most came alive as her honey warmed between her thighs.

He brought his lips to her neck and sucked on the space ever so lightly. She moaned at the slide of his tongue, the warm suction of his mouth on her skin.

Hazel’s nipples hardened beneath the fabric of her robe. The skin so tight if he flicked the tip of his tongue over the surface once she was sure he’d make her climax right there.

“I like to do things a little… unconventional.. And beds can be confining.”

She exhaled through her lips.

“So I rarely need them,” he said on her neck, “all I need tonight is your permission.”

“My permission?” she questioned.

“To do to you whatever I want and that I know you’ll like… without protest.”

She pulled back to meet her eyes with his.

“And what exactly do you think I would like?”

He grinned. “Let me just show you. Get dressed.”


“We’re going out.”

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