[DAY 9] C H E R R Y | W I N E

T H E  T A S T E… sweet but still bold. Cherry Wine is considered to be rare and hard to find since it’s difficult to locate a bottle where many wines are sold. This type of wine can be made dry, semi-dry, or sweet… but often it’s on the sweet side. It’s said to be for amateurs who aren’t quite accustomed to grape wines. Although this drink is fruit flavored, it still has its kick. Let’s remember that even though it is sweet, the alcohol is still very there. Sometimes the makers of this wine add extra alcohol to the mix. It just needs to be savored a bit longer for it’s true volume to be detected and that boldness to  emerge.


(A vignette from the Drinks On Me Series)

Was that it?


I waited this long for that?

It wasn’t what I expected.


The final frontier of intimacy… for me.

You mean to tell me I held out for twenty-four years for that?!

I mean… he was gentle.

Took his time.

Set everything up for me and was a total gentleman. He told me all the right things. Had been patient for the past year after we made it official. He asked if I wanted to wait until marriage since I’d kept my legs closed for this long, but I told him me finally having sex wasn’t contingent on me being married first. I was only waiting for the right time.

Men usually avoided me once I told them I was a virgin. The fear of me growing attached after we got attached.

The pressure.

No one wanted it.

But… him.


He accepted the challenge. So, the disappointment was disappointing. My reward for my patience seemed thwarted by the act between us being uneventful. No matter how gentle he was, the pain was there. The give of my walls parting to accommodate him was no prize for my patience.

His head below tapping against my soft spot was, well, uncomfortable.

I’ll admit, I enjoyed the strokes. Well, some of them. But I’d been pining for the fluttering release my girlfriends gushed about over drinks. The eye-rolling finale they bragged about experiencing when we talked about anything that didn’t pertain to law school or the stress it brought.

Was this it?

This couldn’t be it.

What did I do wrong?

An hour after, I laid on my back in bed awake. My eyes trained on the ceiling above.

My view moved over chipped paint in search of understanding. Hoping to wrap my mind around what lacked.

Jamil rolled over to my side of the bed and wrapped his arm around my waist bringing me close to kiss me on the cheek.

“You all right?” he asked in my ear.

“Umm… yeah.”

“Lying already, future lawyer?” he said back.

I swallowed hard.

“It was your first time.”

“I know, but I didn’t… you know….”

“No, you didn’t. Not yet, at least.”

I turned to look at him and saw a slow grin stretch his lips.

“You should demand it.” His eyes lowered to the covers tucked beneath my arms. “If you aren’t satisfied, you need to demand that I make you come. No exceptions. You’re owed it. You understand?”

I said nothing. Only blinked in response.

Jamil tugged at a fold in the fabric, and pulled the comforter off my breasts with ease only stopping when he exposed the tight skin around my nipples.

“I wanted to get you used to the motions first, anyway,” he added.

“An expert. You sure I’m your first virgin?”

He chuckled. “Me on top may not be your body’s favorite position. At least, not right now.”


His hand did a slow crawl down to between my legs. I slid my thighs apart and gasped when he didn’t hesitate to palm me there.

He pressed his palm flat against my heat and moved his hand up then down, repeating the action until he parted my lower lips naturally. He rubbed his hand against my wetness until he slid his hand high enough to place a fingertip against my cherry pit.

I exhaled into my chest while arching my neck. He slipped one finger and then another inside of me. Still sensitive I winced at his first touch, but relaxed enough to enjoy. He stroked twice and brought my nectar to my spot and resumed massaging.

I moaned my satisfaction, and he pressed his mouth to my ear to ask, “do you want to ride me?”

“Should I?”

“What do you think?”

I shrugged.

“I think you’d like it.”

Why couldn’t I bring the same bravado I showed in law school here? Be the boss bitch I was known to be in front of an audience of my peers? I only had to preform for an audience of one tonight. But there was something about this moment that made me feel for the first time in my life like I didn’t know what the hell I was doing.

“Okay.” I swallowed the doubt forming as a lump in my throat and balanced my weight on one arm. I kicked my right leg over his left side, straddling him.

I looked down at him, my chest already poking out. Staring up at him moments ago seemed okay. But here on top it was like sitting on a throne.

“Condom?” I asked.

He kept his eyes on me as he pulled the side table draw opened and retrieved the magnum.

Sheathed, he pressed his fingertips to my waist lifting me up to my knees. His other fingers wrapped around my wrist as he nonverbally instructed me to hold his erection in my grip.

“It’s yours, baby. Own it,” he said in a low voice, almost whispering. He bent his arms at his elbows, interlocked his fingers and placed his hands below his head, giving me total control.

I took a shaky deep breath in, flattened my free hand against the mattress just above his shoulders and leaned back doing just that.

He filled me slow, my lower lips a little tender from act one.

The smooth glide as I took my seat for act two made me weaker.

“Remember that night at Reggae Hall? Valentine’s night?” he asked. “When you had those two shots of rum?”

I snickered while nodding.

“Move like that.”

And so, I did. In time to a beat in my head, I rocked and rolled. Slid back and forth against him, the friction from my clit gliding against the fine hairs surrounding the column of his erection combined well with his taps.

My bottom lip found a home between the bite of my teeth when the trend of him moving in and out of me while wining his hips below me made me contract.

Release. Contract. Release. Contract.

For only a second I could feel nothing that hinted I was coming and in response to that I grunted, frustrated, prepared to quit.

Quit?! Did I just think that? 

He sat up then pulled my legs around him, leaning back against the headboard to meet my hip thrusts.

It didn’t occur to me that I was close until the slick sounds of our movements became audible between us. I leaned back and balanced myself on my hands, dropping my head back as he pumped while I met his stroke.

I wrapped tight around him and stopped moving. Keeping my hips in target with his aimed penetration. My eyes rolled on their own and my jaw fell far from my top lip. The sound that came from my mouth was foreign. This feeling differed greatly from the one I experienced playing with the pink ball beneath my hood.

This one emanated. It was all over. The feeling lasted for more than a few seconds. Starting off small until it wasn’t.

Involuntary movements felt so right as I pulsed without control.

My arms could no longer hold me up so I fell back, and Jamil positioned himself on top of me, never falling out of sync with the cadence of his hip thrusts.

At the tail end of my climax, the onset of another imploded.

This one powerful.

Mind clearing.

So epic, it caused me to arch my back, and hold my breath. Just overflowing with gratitude for finally being rewarded for waiting.


Tomorrow at midnight… R U M  &  C O K E.

Previously… S A N G R I A.

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  1. Latasha martin December 23, 2017

    He should have been trying to give her an orgasm the first round. Women want an orgasm Every round during sex and oral sex.

    • bkmosley December 23, 2017

      Ohhhhh, you have 0% toleration huh? ?? you’re like, nope I don’t care ??EVERY??DAMN??TIME??SIR! ?. He didn’t want to put it on her like that since it was her first time. He didn’t realize how ready she was for him to do just that ?

  2. Latasha martin December 23, 2017

    No tolerance for no orgasms. Before I met my husband I ALWAYS had to see what their head game was like to see if he was worthy to get ANY penetration?? Weak head got him sent home and weak stroke game got him lit out of my bed. If I couldn’t get an orgasm, well, he didn’t either????✌✌

    • bkmosley December 23, 2017

      ????? I HEAR that!!! I have a low tolerance myself. I think every woman should and demand more. Faking it is a disservice for both parties… and future parties… for him at least.


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