[DAY 8] S A N G R I A

T H E  T A S T E… like a dream in a glass. It’s not quite a cocktail and not quite wine. It’s a lovely combination of both… much like a fantasy is to the actual act. A comfortable middle that’s a favorite amongst a certain gender. Consisting of fruit, Sangrias are a sweet take on vino. It takes someone creative to mix together a pitcher of Sangria that’ll make those who drink it crave seconds.


(A vignette from the Drinks On Me Series)


His lips were what hooked me. Full, brown with a tint of pink. He wore his expressions on his lips and liked to bite at them in thought. I wondered how they would feel pressed against the curve of my neck. If they were as soft as I assumed. Warm as I anticipated. Curiosity kept my thoughts preoccupied debating if he used that mouth to speak inspiration or to spew black magic.

I hoped the former.

I wondered if he brushed his mouth against lips before kissing or sucked on tongues while delivering carefully executed deep strokes.

He sat across from me.

Christmas dinner at my parents drew us here separately.

We both looked disinterested.


In our own worlds.

Josiah’s tongue made a slight appearance when he parted his mouth and allowed the tip to wet his lips.

Our eyes met, and he smiled politely before reaching for his glass of Sangria. His hands were big, nails well-manicured. If the saying was true, Josiah didn’t only offer good looks. Probably wild tussling over wrinkled white sheets. Limbs tangled, and fingers interlocked as he teased me with the tip, tunneling in real slow only to retreat and tease again.

He was the only one at the table who hadn’t finished his first plate. My brother, Vic, had moved on to seconds. My cousins, thirds. It became something of a predictable duet of my parents insisting that Josiah eat up so they could stuff him with more.

He took his time which meant he took his time in bed. Stretching out the minutes and prolonging the hours. Probably enjoyed taking it slow to witness the desire of his recipient needing more. Gripping bedposts for leverage to get more precise angles. Josiah was quiet giving hint he was verbal in bed. Into talking slick as he allowed slick lower lips wrapped around his erection to do the other talking.

I crossed my legs and crushed my inner thighs together when visions of what he’d look like with his body posed to come, made my breaths harder to take.

How the sight of his muscles in action would make me weak.

How activated his calves would become. Him slow wining against me in real time, our eyes locked so he wouldn’t miss breaking me down. He’d speed it up when that slow pace was no longer suitable. And when he craved that release, he’d inhale and exhale the room’s air through a slacked jaw.

Just stroking and panting.

Staring into my eyes until the closeup view of each other became too much to bear witness to.

Completely lost and stranded on the island of our bed. Forgetting all the problems, all the stress. About whether this, what we were doing, was right or wrong. Just entirely distracted with fucking then coming. But not just coming, imploding. Beholding the moment the mind united with the body and took total control.

A welcomed possession that lasted for seconds.

I took a deep breath and let my exhale push through my nose.


What a waste… for me at least.

Mind altering, leave-you-addicted pleasure. The kind that’ll make it difficult to want to leave home, choosing to remain indoors and in bed for hours. The kind that will give you aftershocks long after you’ve experienced it.

Sex… that sadly could never happen.

“Valarie,” my brother Vic said.

“Huh?” I blinked back to reality then brought my hand to the bridge of my nose to pinch some sense into myself. “What’s up?”

Vic laughed. “Where the hell did you go just now?”

I cracked a smile while drying my brow of my sweat.

My eyes swept across the table to Josiah’s and I sighed. Noticing my view, Vic interlocked his fingers with Josiah’s above the table.

“Since I volunteered to stay here and help mom and dad clean up,” Vic continued, “Josiah was asking if you could give him a ride back to his place.”

I wrinkled my brows and looked away.

“If that’s okay,” Josiah spoke up. “I got a shift at the hospital in a few hours and I’ve had more Sangrias than I should have. I don’t feel confident enough to be on the road–”

“It’s cool.” I smiled. “For my brother’s boyfriend, no problem. I’ll definitely give you a ride.”


Tomorrow at midnight… C H E R R Y  W I N E.

Previously…  E S P R E S S O.

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  1. Latasha martin December 21, 2017

    Oh my…I think literally that dhe’s going to give her brother’s boyfriend, Josiah, a ride??

    • bkmosley December 21, 2017

      ?? well… ?. I am curious how many more drinks Josiah will need for that ?

  2. LeTara December 23, 2017

    I was not expecting that! I wish this one was a little bit longer.

    • bkmosley December 23, 2017

      Yessss, good! ?????. I was definitely looking to offer that element of surprise ????‍♀️. Thanks for reading!!


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