[DAY 7] E S P R E S S O

T H E  T A S T E… an amplified version of black coffee. The next level after you’ve mastered the taste of unaltered coffee beans. Not many people can stand Espresso much less describe the taste. It’s one of those drinks that takes some time to appreciate but when you do become a connoisseur you’ll find the taste to be quite pleasant. By the way, you’re supposed to savor Espresso not gulp it.


(A short story from the Drinks On Me Series)

I folded my arms and walked near the edge, leaning forward behind the yellow tape just a little to stare down the dark tunnel. There I stood in the station, on the platform of the express Q-line getting impatient. I knew looking for the train meant nothing, but time was of the essence. And I was out of the safe walls of my home later than usual.

Two stops away from Brooklyn, I waited at the Union Square train station in Manhattan. It was cold it being Christmas eve and all. Alone on the platform I stood all the way in the front. A few people were peppered around the station but because of the hour they were few and spread far apart from each other.

“Ugh,” I grunted after glancing down at my wristwatch for the umpteenth time. I twisted my head in the direction the train would arrive. “What’s taking this damn train so long to get here?”

I had nowhere to be, but I was pressed for time. You’ll understand why in a moment.

Finally, the low rumble of wheels rolling over iron tracks echoed throughout the platform.

“About time, shit,” I mumbled.

As soon as the Q pulled into the station and the doors opened, the heat from the car warmed my skin. The back of the first car was empty, so it was just me… exactly how I needed it to be.

I couldn’t help the grin coaxing my lips up.

Here’s a secret: I’m a wild one. This was impossible to determine at first glance. I ran entirely on adventure and inappropriate thoughts, but you would never know. A sweet face equipped with a darling smile and deep dimples often gave people the impression I was an angel. But my eyes always gave me away.

I took a seat at the first row of seats close to the door and sat with my back straight. The silver handle on the seat, pressed against my bare thighs, made my nipples hard. It didn’t take long for them to become visible behind my skintight black jersey mini dress I wore beneath my unbuttoned wool coat.

I didn’t bother leaning back or getting comfortable. Even thinking of relaxing was out of the question. When out on the prowl, the thought of becoming lax was the last thing on my mind.

On the prowl for what?

Well, dick of course.

It was a Monday, December 24th. A festive day for others but an even more special day to me. It was my wedding anniversary… and the only day I could be someone else and fuck with someone… different.

My husband and I had a deal that we could spend our anniversary nights with each other. But during the early morning hours, once the clock struck midnight on Christmas eve, we could pretend to be someone else and sleep with perfect strangers.

“Next stop, Canal Street,” the automated voice announced. “Please stand clear of the closing doors.”

I grinned to myself and brought my stiletto shaped nail up to my lips to bite. I never revealed this part of my marriage with family and friends. They all begged me to share the secret to keeping my relationship so exciting.

And who could blame them?

Shad and I still winked at each other from across crowded rooms, anticipated being alone while entertaining guests. We grabbed at body parts in public that would make onlookers blush.

The passion was sexy, our attraction even hotter the longer we... nurtured our relationship. Though the two of us would tell family and friends we kept the love strong by continuing to do the things we’ve done since we were dating, no one knew our dirty little secret.

I checked my phone again, confirming if I had any missed calls. Even though Shad and I spent the early morning hours as other people with perfect strangers, he still sent me a happy anniversary text at the stroke of midnight along with a pin letting me know his location. The latter was of the upmost importance.

Tonight, there was nothing.

I twisted my mouth to one side and looked up just in time to see the train pulling into the Canal Street station.

When the doors opened to no one, I frowned. Like I feared, I was too late.

The doors began to close, and I turned my attention down on my phone. That was when a man’s hand appeared from the right of the closing doors. They slid opened again and remained that way until he entered the car.

I spotted the bulge in his pants first before I even bothered looking up into his eyes. He was perfect. Six something in height, with a body made for urban book covers. Dark chocolate with biceps that stressed the seams of the wool pea coat he wore, unbuttoned. But his thick lips that he licked as he approached the seats held my attention. He dripped swag as he walked slow to the row opposite me and hiked up his flat-front pants to take a seat.

I was about to clasp my hands over my lap when I felt the diamonds of my wedding ring set. I slipped the rings off my finger and dropped it through the slit in my leather tote.

The moment our eyes met he gave me a head nod.

“Good night,” he said, his voice oozing honeyed baritone.

Mmm, that voice.

“Good morning,” I said back. “It’s after midnight.”

He licked his lips then pinched his chin as he examined my attire. The opened flaps of my coat exposed my mini dress giving him a full-frontal view of how short and tight it was. My fit was so fitted, the muscles on my abdomen were visible even as I remained seated. With his eyes on my legs, I uncrossed then re-crossed them slow just so he could glimpse my trimmed kitty.

Nope, I wasn’t wearing any panties. I took them off in the bathroom at a bar before entering the station. And I wanted him to know I wasn’t wearing any.

“What’s your name?” he asked still staring at my legs.

“Does it matter?”

He chuckled displaying a brilliant smile that made my nipples harder than they already were. He looked in my eyes and said, “I’m Xavier Peters. And you are–”

“Not telling.”

He wagged his finger at me. “Come on now. Play fair.”

I pointed my eyes up at the train ceiling for a moment, thinking, then refocused my attention on him. “Winter Santiaga.”

“Winter,” he repeated, grinning. “Dope.”

Through the window behind him, I watched as blue and red lights whizzed by, resembling lasers as the train sped through the tunnel headed to the bridge to cross over to Brooklyn.

I glanced down both sides of the car. There was no one there but Xavier and me.

“You wanna fuck?”

His brows rose. “Excuse me?”

I smiled. “I like what I see, and you look like you do too. So, do you want to or not?”

He blinked twice then asked, “that soon huh? I just walked on the—”

“Too many questions and not enough time.”

I planted my heels firm on the floor and stood to my feet, grasping the pole to my right to keep from falling on the moving train. I pulled down my mini dress a little and noticed when the gesture drew Xavier’s attention back on my legs. He bit his bottom lip and maintained his gawk, unapologetically.

“If you’re down,” I said, pointing at the front of the car at the emergency door that gave a perfect view of the tracks and lights in a distance. “I’ll be over there. But you don’t have much time to decide. Before long you’ll miss out on something that’s sure to blow your mind.”

I turned to head to the front of the car, leaving him sitting there with a slacked jaw.

The train swayed as I walked toward the emergency exit. I’d lose my balance and find it again, refusing to touch any more silver poles. When I got to the front of the car, I turned to face Xavier, pressing my back against the door.

The Q train roared out of the Canal Street station and was now rolling over the bridge. To our right, the New York skyline glittered in the night. The island we left behind still alive with nightlife in a city that had no bed time.

I stood with my legs hip width apart to keep my balance as I watched Xavier stand to his feet and head my way. He glanced over his shoulder to check if anyone was looking at us from the other car. Even if they were, we wouldn’t be able to see anything since he and I were so far away from view.

But I knew the moment we got to the first Brooklyn train station on the line, Dekalb Avenue, this would change. At least one person would step in the train car we were in, so we had to act fast.

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” Xavier asked. He stared out of the emergency door at the disappearing tracks and swallowed hard.

“Don’t be a pussy,” I teased. I hiked the hem of my skirt up my thighs then over my hips. “Fuck one.”

He licked his lips.

Xavier patted his pockets. “I don’t have any–”

“I’ve got plenty,” I interjected, pushing my hand in my purse and pulling out a condom. I dropped my purse on a nearby seat and brought the tiny package to my teeth. My focus was on his crotch as I bit opened the wrapper.

Xavier released a loud exhale while unbuckling his pants, glancing over his shoulder one last time before eliminating the distance between us. When he was close, he pressed his hand flat against the emergency door behind me and leaned in for a kiss.

I turned my lips away.

“Oh, come on,” he begged. Xavier kissed my neck instead. “Don’t be like that.”

“No kissing.” I palmed his crotch and massaged his dick behind the fabric. “We don’t got time for all that sweet shit. No need to warm me up, just take it. This is only a fuck, okay?”

“Fine. Don’t gotta tell me twice.”

I helped sheath his erection before he pressed my back close against the door and lifted me up in his arms slow, wrapping my legs around his waist.

His pants were down at his ankles when I felt the head of his shaft push against me, gradually sliding in. I opened around him easily, my walls familiar with his girth. Ready and waiting. I anticipated moments like this every year. Getting it in with a perfect stranger in public.

He pushed his torso firm against me when he locked his knees in place and began the first of his methodical pumps.

I was never the quiet type, especially during sex. And as loud as the train was rolling over that Brooklyn Bridge, only Xavier could hear me.

Still, he told me to, “keep it down,” in my ear as he moved deeper, positioning himself in a way to stroke that spot that made me want to climb that door he had me pinned against.

My ripened scent filled the car as he found his rhythm and picked up the pace. Each time he delved in more my back would slide up and down the door. The soft fabric of my coat made the act an even easier one as it assisted with his glide.

“Damn, Shad,” I whispered. “That’s my spot.”

He leaned back and away from me. “What you call me?”

I giggled at my slip of the tongue. “Nothing. That’s my bad. Keep going.”

He pulled out quick then released my legs, helping me to turn my back to him. I angled my hips to give him easier access. Xavier positioned himself behind me and entered me rougher this time. He took a hand full of my hair from the back and tugged on it a little.

I groaned then moaned at the sensation having him inside of me offered while messing up my hair.

“You’re thinking about someone else when I’m the one inside of you?” he asked in my ear.

I pressed my hands flat against the door’s glass and braced myself for the release I knew was near. The gentle spasms that grew in strength and were becoming impossible to fight was the hint.

“Uh-uh,” I uttered through my moans.

“Sounded that way.” He grunted. “What did I tell you my name was?”

“Xavier,” I whispered.

“No,” he barked. “Say it the same way you said the other one.”

“Mmm… Xavier.”

I was close. My knees shook, and my legs threatened to give out. Xavier wrapped his arms around my waist to hold me steady.

“About to come huh?” he asked. “Did you ask me if you could do that?”

I moaned.

“Ask me.”

“May I–”


I dropped my head forward and bit my lip, smiling a little at his nerve. He felt so good, so right. He owned it. So why wouldn’t I play along?

“Oohh, right there. Keep hitting it right there.”

“Who should keep hitting it right there?” he quizzed.


“And I am….” Xavier asked

“X… Xavier,” I stuttered.

The sound of our bodies colliding echoed through the car. I opened my eyes long enough to see the train angling low, exiting the bridge, and headed into the tunnel which meant the station would come into view soon enough.

He gripped my waist on each side and used it to move me on then off him as he sexed me harder from behind. “Louder.”


I yelled his name so loud there was no doubt the others in the car behind the one we were in heard me. But at that point we didn’t care. We were both in ecstasy.

In the glass of the emergency door, I saw Xavier’s reflection. His head hung back as he continued his pace and my head dropped forward again as the beginnings of my climax held any concern I had of being caught out of view.

I braced myself, holding my breath and stood still. I didn’t move. Xavier continued using my waist to slam in and out of me. That delicious finish differed from the others, radiating throughout my body instead of just between my thighs.

I was whisper quiet.

Xavier’s moans the only thing audible in the car.

Tenderness prevailed between my thighs. I became hyper aware of every inch of him. My cream glazed the length of him as my legs trembled. Xavier moved in closer pressing his body up against mine, so he could get his too. The head of his iron horse swelled, and he tunneled deeper between my fluttering walls. Him grunting and moaning in my ear sent another release building up in my body and I allowed it to completely consume me soon after the first one.

The train car’s slow crawl into the nearly empty Dekalb Avenue station came into view as I watched necks turn in the direction our car rolled in.

The sight turned me on again.

Getting caught in the act by total strangers at two in the morning? It did well to build up anticipation about returning home and getting that anniversary sex from my husband.

I could never get enough.

Xavier released me and I forced my dress down over my hips, getting myself together. I was so focused on fixing myself that I had made no eye contact with Xavier until we exited the car. Two people entered the train from the back of the first car, far from Xavier and I, and immediately sniffed the air.

As soon as we stepped off the train and Xavier discreetly tossed the used condom in the trash, we looked at each other and burst out laughing.

“Yo, Tamia,” he said as the train roared out of the station. “You are so wild, babe.”

“And you love it.” I smiled. “How’s my make up?”

I slipped my hand into my leather tote in search of my wedding ring set, slipping them down my ring finger. I pushed my hand into another compartment of my bag and lifted his wedding band with the tip of my finger, handing it to him.

“Your make up is perfect, as always,” he said, gliding his finger along my jawline. He took his ring from me and slipped it down his ring finger, adjusting it once it was on. “What isn’t perfect is your ability to stay in character. We gotta work on that, Tamia.”

I giggled. “Whatever Shad. When I’m used to calling out the same man’s name for the last six years, can you really fault a sister on that?”

“It’s aight, I love you anyway,” he said pulling me close. “And it’s seven years today, baby girl.”

“I know that’s right. And you still please me like it’s the first time. That was so hot, right?”

I looked around us to make sure no one would see me running my palm down his crotch before I palmed his dick.

He moaned. “It was bomb baby, as usual.”

“I thought it wouldn’t happen. This train being late and all.”

“Yeah, but it did. It was your fantasy, so you knew I would make it come true for you, regardless.” He winked.

I batted my eyes then wrapped my arms around Shad’s waist, looking up at him with that sexy look he adored. I couldn’t wait to get him alone again, so he could fuck me like a wife and a side chick.

“You think you can give me a little more when we get home?” I asked.

“I’ll give you a lot more. You already know I’m good for several more rounds.” Shad licked his lips and tapped me on my ass. He tilted my head and brought his mouth to mine. And we kissed, just the two of us on that train station platform alone… just the way we liked it.

“Happy anniversary baby,” he whispered on my lips.

“Happy anniversary, Shad,” I said back. “Seven years strong…

“And forever more to go,” we said together.


Tomorrow at midnight… S A N G R I A.

Previously… T E Q U I L A  S U N R I S E .

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  1. Latasha martin December 20, 2017

    Okay, for a minute I was like what kind of anniversary do thay have hooking up with other random people?? Shad wasn’t playing any games when he turned her around and gripped her hair though!!!

    • bkmosley December 20, 2017

      ?? perfect! I wanted to throw you off from the truth ?. And he definitely WAS NOT ?. This almost made it onto the anthology but Joelle and Jordan bested them ??‍♀️

      • Latasha martin December 20, 2017

        IKR…I thought about Jordan and Joelle in ” Dirty Martini” with the people watching.

        • bkmosley December 20, 2017

          Girlll, yesss!! Your observation is on point! I wrote dirty martini last year way before I wrote J&J’s story and dirty martini was actually what inspired that people watching characteristic in Joelle ☺️


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