#UrbanFiction: ‘No Fraternizing, PT. 1’ Is 2 Years Old!

It’s been 2-years since I self-published my first story on Amazon, No Fraternizing, PT. 1. This story was never supposed to be a series. It was supposed to be a short novella that brought readers into a different world of characters with a different story concept.

No Frat was inspired by my trips to barbershops and the candid conversations men had in them. I wanted to bring a little comedy with a lot of erotic scenes to the story. Create a character who has the mind of a man but the heart of a woman.  

All of this evolved after I got to the end of the story and realized there was more. But because I hated long reads as a reader, I wanted to offer shorter reads to readers like myself.

No Fraternizing, PT. 1 underwent a change a few months after it was published. I added more words to the story and changed the cover. And this jumpstarted the need to create a part 2 and eventually a part 3.

I’m grateful for all I’ve learned as a self-published author. This stuff is challenging, but it is a learning experience. And with everything in life, the things you do that are the hardest, you learn the most from. Doing things on my own gives me insight on how I want them done when I have others do it for me. I know what I want and I’m not afraid of taking risks. This has made me an even bolder person and a fearless writer.

Thank you to everyone who has been on this journey with me. Whether you’ve been there since day one or you’re just getting introduced to me, you have a place in my heart. 





P.S. If you’ve never read No Fraternizing, PT. 1, it’s available for FREE on Amazon.

Get it here – http://amzn.to/2ioaXtr


I have 4 short stories available for FREE on Amazon today (7/10) and tomorrow (7/11) to celebrate my 2 years as a self-published author! Celebrate with me and download your copies today. If you’ve never read a story by me, now is your chance.

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