#ShortStory: Pay Me In…

Author’s Note:

I was on Pinterest a week ago, pinning and minding my business when I stumbled on the photo below. If you’re on Facebook, you’ll remember how the trending hashtag #shortstorychallenge came to life with people using the photos from the artist to create their own stories.

I didn’t participate then because I’m a little bit of a literary rebel who likes to avoid what everyone else is doing. Not to be difficult, it’s just the way I am. But when I saw this photo right here, the characters just wouldn’t shut up. I wrote this short story in less than 24-hours. I wanted to challenge myself to write a piece without planning or outlining  anything. There’s some light editing. So, there may be some typos.

Now, I shouldn’t have to tell you what to expect. But if you’re unfamiliar with Brookelyn Mosley and what I do with a pen, please read this post before continuing. My writing isn’t too, too explicit but it isn’t sweet and subliminal either when it comes to my scenes. I’m right in the middle where I like it *wink.* Go on, read it. And let me know what you think by paying me in comments, likes and shares! ?


“You know you still owe me that $700 from last month, right?” Charity asked as she made her way into the living room where Cornell was studying. Her ample bottom swayed with her movements as her cheeks jiggled inside her varsity booty shorts with every step she took. Those shorts were as tiny as the panties she wore underneath. The curve of her breasts poked out from below her cropped top which she didn’t even bother to pull down when she decided to leave her bedroom.

Before he heard her walking up behind him, Cornell had already smelled the pungent smoke that wafted from the tip of the lit blunt wedged between her two fingers.

Moments before that, he was focused on studying. His green eyes scanned through the small printed text in his basic bio-mechanics textbook trying his hardest not to nod off. He used those same eyes red from fatigue to shut tight as he released a weighted sigh.

It’s 10 p.m. and he’s tired, but he has to cram for this exam he has in the morning. And now he has to deal with Charity.

“And you haven’t paid me rent yet this month. Annnnd,” Charity stressed as she dropped herself down on the couch beside him, “there’s only two weeks left in February.” She rudely extended her thick legs over his lap, kicking his textbook to the floor.

The two have been roommates since their freshman years at Brooklyn’s Long Island University. Charity was roaming through the halls after her last class trying to kill time when she first saw Cornell and did a double take. A sexy cutie in her eyes. She watched him for a few minutes as he sat in the student lounge with his head buried in a textbook, his feet propped up on his large suitcase.

Cornell’s scholarship money had yet to clear, and it was the middle of his first semester so he had to move out of his dorm room. He didn’t want to borrow any more student loans to cover his room and board. He was technically homeless for those three hours he sat there.

She offered him a room in the Fort Greene co-op where she lived alone. A co-op owned by her father who offered it to her free of charge if she promised to remain enrolled in school. He’s one of the city’s top real estate investors. He’s also the CEO of a prominent investment firm with offices in five major states including there in New York. And yes, he’s aware his daughter has a guy for a roommate. But Charity’s managed to convince him Cornell’s gay and daddy’s never had the opportunity to confirm this lie since he’s always too busy to stop by to visit.

Charity was a wild child, only agreeing to go to college to get from under her parents’ roof and away from their strict rules. College was just an opportunity to get high and party. The moment she left home she never looked back… well, only when she needed to ask her father to replenish her bank account.

“You know I don’t got it, Charity,” Cornell whispered. He grabbed her pedicured feet to massage them hoping that doing so would help her chill on the matter. “And I know you’re not hurting for money. I’ll have at least a grand for you by the end of the month.”

His tired green eyes glanced down the hall she emerged from toward his room where his girl, Janae, was sound asleep. She’d moved in just last month after her landlord evicted she and her roommates for nonpayment.

And Charity has been pissed about Janae being there ever since.

“Or… you can pay me with something else.” Charity smirked, moving her eyes off his and peering down at his crotch.

He swallowed hard.

Charity suggesting this wasn’t absurd to him. And the arrangement wouldn’t be different from the last time she proposed it. Cornell’s been late with the rent before… several times, actually. All because he quit his job.

What was his job?

A male escort for an elite agency run by a 50-something former socialite turned madam operating out of a penthouse suite on Madison Avenue.

This is a fact Charity stumbled across while searching for an off-campus party to attend via Backpage. There he was photo’d as one of the top guys from Black Magic escorts with five star ratings for excellent service. But he wasn’t cheap. His rate was so high, he could pay five months of rent in advance from the money he made in an hour. He had to quit that though after just a year of working when the hours he needed to work interfered with his grades. That, and after he made it official with Janae and she begged him to find another way to earn money.

Moving Janae into the co-op was a decision Charity hated from the beginning. But what Charity hated even more was when Cornell and Janae’s courtship started two years earlier. Right after he moved into the co-op.

The only thing that helped Charity deal with Janae being there was the rent money. Payment was always in a small white envelope at the front of her bedroom door at the start of every month.

Since quitting his escort job, Cornell’s been booking gigs as a bartender during the hours he could fit in between going to school, studying, and spending time with Janae.

But now the gigs were getting harder to book and he’s now two months behind with paying Charity rent.

“Come on, Charity,” Cornell begged. “After the last time, I told you that was it. Things are different now.”

“Why? Because your little boring, weak ass girlfriend lives here now? Please,” she said bringing the blunt to her lips.

“She’s in the other fucking room.”

Charity shrugged. “So? What’s that got to do with me?”

They stared at each other.

“Look,” Charity said, reaching her arm to her right to place her blunt down on the ashtray on their table. She removed her legs off him and leaned closer. Her slim fingers tiptoed down to the crotch of his basketball shorts before palming his bulge. “You either fuck me or get me my money by midnight. If you do neither one, you and your girl will be out on the curb watching the sunrise. Wouldn’t that be romantic?”

Charity was 90s Halle Berry beautiful with big brown eyes and fuller lips. Her body was sick, better than average. She could have any guy she wanted.

Why do this?

Because she’s insecure. But bigger than that, she’s spoiled. Charity always got her way and wanted things that wasn’t hers. The fact that Cornell was a taken man made him even more appealing to her.

And Cornell knew this.

He grunted as he leaned forward, reaching for the blunt. He took three quick pulls before blowing the smoke overhead and dropping the blunt back in the tray.

His hand was at the collar of his tee which he used to pull the shirt off. He turned to her, pulling her legs up and off the floor and using them to pull her closer to him. He was leaning over her when she stopped him.

“I want the other thing first,” she instructed.

“Nah, Yo! You gotta chill on that, Charity,” Cornell said, shaking his head. “That’s reserved for Janae.”

“Even more reason I want it, too,” Charity said staring up at him.

Cornell balanced himself on one arm using his other hand to run his palm down his face. He twisted his mouth to one side, thinking.

“You’re taking too long, Cornell,” she said, her lip turning up slow. “You better hurry before I change my mind.”

He kissed his teeth knowing she was full of it. “Yeah, right,” he spat. “You know damn well you prefer this over some fucking money.”

He sat back on the couch and glared at her the whole time he peeled her varsity booty shorts off. Her panties came off next and joined her shorts on the floor beside the couch before he buried his tongue between her thighs.

“Mmm-hmm,” she moaned, biting on her bottom lip as her palm caressed the top of his wavy fade.

Oral was reserved for his girl, and he knew that. But Charity was a cold-hearted brat who would refuse to take no for an answer.

She squirmed and moaned as he gripped her waist to hold her still so he could work her over. Cornell whipped his tongue left and right, up then down… slow then quick, massaging her clit. He teased the hood then sucked on her pink ball. She was reaching and clinging for stuff that simply wasn’t there, trying her best to conceal her moans through tight lips.

“Shh,” he told her, glancing up at her when she got too loud. “You better not wake her up.”

She giggled maniacally.

He hated that little laugh of hers. It was like a jagged knife scrapping against fine china. So, he punished her by sucking harder.

The truth was, he loved her like this… under his control. Granted, he wouldn’t have his head between her legs with Janae in the other room if he really had another choice. But he couldn’t deny it. There was something about seeing Charity whimpering and tamed for once that did it for him. Watching her shut her mouth and submit to his tongue may have been the highlight of his night.

He was sick of her constantly telling him what to do in that house.

Close this and don’t touch that.

He couldn’t wait to get his own place with Janae. But rent was too damn high all around the city. So, for the time being, this was his reality… and it wasn’t all that bad to him.

After Charity squeezed her thighs against his ears and shuddered on his lips she said, “that’s enough. I’m ready for the real thing.”

He pushed his hand into his pocket and pulled out the small box of condoms he’d stepped out to buy from the corner store just an hour ago. He planned to use them tonight on Janae. There were three in a pack, so he’d be fine for later.

Cornell didn’t even bother removing his basketball shorts. Why bother? He needed to make this as quick as possible. The last thing he needed was Janae waking to the sound of Charity coming for him.

“Spread your legs for me,” he told her as he pulled his dick out and rolled the condom over his erection.

She smiled big as she obeyed his order. Charity tossed her arms over her head and draped them over the armrest with anticipation as he hovered over her and slid right in.

Her back arched and she let out a breathy moan. Her wet walls stretched around him then hugged the column of his dick as he delivered each stroke. His plan was not to come. Give it to her in smooth quick calculated strokes in one specific region until she got what she was looking for.

“Ooh, yesss, right there,” she whispered then moaned. Charity grabbed his ass with her hands and spread her legs wider, guiding him deeper. “Mmm, damn. You know exactly where my spot is, huh, Nelly?”

He always tried to withhold coming with his clients. Do the tantric thing. It worked sometimes, but not always. Most of his clients were beautiful, many of them successful. Their only flaw being loneliness. So, this made things harder for him to keep his cream to himself.

Especially when it came to Charity.

She wrapped her legs around his waist when she told him, “kiss me like you kiss her.”

He stopped stroking and looked down at her. “What? Nah.”

“Do it or the deal is off.”

“Fuck you, Yo!”

She flicked her tongue, smiled then said in a sexy voice, “you’re already doing that. So, gimme more, pleaaassse.”

Her facial features softened, making her even sexier to him the longer he stared at her.

And the sight of her like this got him harder.

“Come on, Nelly,” she whined. “Kiss me, handsome.”

She purposefully pulled her walls in around his erection and this forced a groan to hum from his lips. He couldn’t help but to resume pumping in and out of her again. Charity’s hands were at the sides of his face when she pulled him closer. Cornell resisted at first but when she pulled him close again he gave in and kissed her, meeting his tongue with hers.

Puckering noises filled the space around them as they French kissed and fucked. Soon, the sound of their skins colliding echoed around the living room, too. Her fingertips pressed firm against his strong back as he delved into her deeper. She moaned in his mouth and her walls narrowed around his dick.

He knew she was coming and broke their kiss immediately. Cornell lifted his head to breathe in the surrounding air through his mouth like he was running a marathon. He was trying to suppress the sensation building up inside of him. But all that went to hell when through his peripheral view, he saw his girl standing near the foyer, feet away from him and Charity. When he whipped his head in her direction, he saw Janae standing there dressed in his oversized white tee, staring at them motionless. Janae’s lips were set in a frown and this made his heart feel heavy in his chest.

But that wasn’t the only thing he felt. He got distracted and found himself caught up in the moment. As Charity’s walls fluttered around him uncontrollably, the heat she radiated consumed him causing the head of his dick to mushroom inside of her. He had to force himself to look away from Janae as the paralyzing feeling of his climax hit. He roared his pleasure into the armrest of the couch by Charity’s ear, trying to muffle the sound of him moaning. But that was useless.

Janae was still standing there with tears in her eyes when he looked back up at her.

All he could do in that moment was mouth, “I’m sorry, baby.”

Janae sighed then turned to walk back into their bedroom.

They’d already discussed this being a possibility. Neither one of them had the rent money. Janae wasn’t thrilled about her man fucking someone else again. She had to force herself to deal with it in the past because she’d fallen in love with him even after he told her what he did for money.

But what choice did they have at that moment?

She and Cornell were broke college students with parents who were even more broke. They were struggling to make the little coins they have, last until the end of the semester.

“Damn, you’re good,” Charity said sitting up and grabbing her panties and shorts off the floor.

“Whatever, Charity,” Cornell mumbled, ripping the condom off.

“Make sure you don’t have the money next month, too, aight?” She smiled as she stood up to step into her panties and then her shorts.

As she walked away, switching her hips, headed to her bedroom she passed by the open door of his room. Charity glanced inside then smiled and offered a pageant-styled wave to Janae.

Charity turned to face Cornell again. “You were right,” she said. “I prefer this arrangement over you giving me money. So, let’s keep it this way.” She winked at him before disappearing into her bedroom and shutting the door.

The End?

Edited: I decided to create a part 2. Read it now HERE!

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  1. Glennolia February 13, 2017

    Very intense kept me the edge of my seat. Wondering when was his girl was going to wake up. I would love to read more to find out how long will this arrangement will last.

    • bkmosley February 13, 2017

      Thank you for your feedback! Yeah, I might develop this and add more parts to this story, have it as a series specifically for this blog. Thank you for reading!! ❤❤?

  2. Aqwanda Taylor March 2, 2017

    Very intense indeed, I would love for this to become a full book.

    • bkmosley March 2, 2017

      Thank you and Ooooh!! A full book would be dope! I’ll definitely give it some thought. Thank you for reading!!!

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