‘Just Friends: An Erotic Urban Short Story’ Is Now Available On Amazon for $0.99!


Hey Luvs,

Back again with another short story and this one is about two childhood friends who take their relationship to the next levels as adults. It’s the classic story of when friends become lovers with an ode to nostalgia. Check out the synopsis below and download your copy today!


When Skylar returned to Brooklyn after moving away 16 years ago, she’d only come to get her hair done. She wasn’t expecting to fall hard for the former neighborhood geek and her childhood friend Noah. After running into his mother at the salon, Skylar learned how good the years have been to Noah.

No longer is he the geek with the squeaky voice and crooked glasses. Now, he puts the sex in sexy and has the charm and charisma to boot. But there’s a problem, Noah has a girlfriend who tells Skylar she needs to back away because Noah is a taken man… or is he? And Skylar has fallen hard for Noah and definitely doesn’t want to be just friends.

See what happens when childhood friends grow up to become lovers in this short erotic love story, Just Friends.



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