Character Confessions – Amir Jones (Girl Code)

And now Amir…

I must have fucked Melodee at least a dozen times in my mind as a teenager. I likened it to teenage hormones but as an adult I see that I was just feeling her harder than I could express. We met our first day of high school as freshman. Girls were already flocking to me without me even trying, doing subtle things like glancing at me over their shoulders or smiling at me whenever our eyes met. But Mel, she kept to herself. She’d only say something to me when I asked her what she was reading.

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Character Confessions – Melodee Delon (Girl Code)

I love giving readers more insight into the characters that I create since I have so much fun creating and fleshing them out. So, step inside the mind of my characters Melodee and Amir from my December 23rd release, Girl Code. Beginning with Melodee…


I started calling Amir A.J. after I heard his mother, Ms. Anita, refer to him by the nickname. I thought it was so cute because every time she’d call him that; it looked like his eyes would light up and he’d be his happiest self. So, I started calling him that to tease him because he was such a mama’s boy. But then it stuck, and I found it weird to call him Amir. A.J. was the coolest guy I’d ever met. He oozed charm and was a gentleman even at the tender age of 14. He’d hold doors open for girls, grab their hand to climb high stairs, say good morning instead of what’s up when we’d see each other in the morning during homeroom. And he wasn’t phony about it, it was just in his nature. But he was still cool and smooth with it. Able to fit in with the “it” crowd without compromising who he was.

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