#NewRelease: ‘A Love Deferred’ Is Now Available On Amazon!

If you would have told me years ago I would self-publish more than a short story, I’d press the back of my hand to your forehead to check your temperature. Now here we are, my 16th self-published story that has moved from my mind, to my computer, to your Kindle! Creative writing has always been my passion and I am so blessed to be able to release yet another story for my reading family. 

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Cover Reveal: They Call Me Mello

I’m so excited to reveal the cover for my next release, They Call Me Mello. This story is a spinoff of my series No Fraternizing where Mello first made his appearance in book 2 and 3.

In the near future, I’ll publish a post on here on what to expect from his story. But for now, here is the cover and synopsis.

Here we go…


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#MrandMrsJonesNovella: What To Expect From ‘Mr. & Mrs. Jones’

My next release, Mr. & Mrs. Jones, drops in 30 days which means it’s time to divulge a little information.

The writing process for this book was one of the most enjoyable processes I’ve ever experienced since I began my journey as an urban erotic romance writer. Life was still happening outside of my computer. I won’t lie and make it appear as if everything was easy.

But writing a love story starring two of my favorite characters… yeah, I had fun.

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#NewRelease: ‘Forbidden: An Anthology’ Is Now Available On Amazon!

Your new guilty pleasure is now LIVE on Amazon and FREE with Kindle Unlimited! Every time I release a book, I feel a rush of excitement and nerves. It’s like a cocktail of anxiety. This is one book I had to step out of my comfort zone to write and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

Check out the synopsis and click the link to read a sample and download your copy today. Happy Halloween 🎃.


12 characters. 5 short stories. 1 book

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#LoveHateRevengeSeries: ‘Love, Hate & Revenge, PT. 2’ Coming June 21st!

In just ONE MONTH, part two to my drama series, Love, Hate, & Revenge will be available for download! This series is truly one of a kind, and as always I’ve made sure not to hold back. Be prepared for a sexy and jaw dropping read, promise!

Check out the synopsis below and save the date, June 21st. It’s gonna be a very hot summer!

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#NewRelease: Girl Code Available Now On Amazon! And FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

My new release is here! I’m so excited to announce that my new novella, Girl Code, is available now on Amazon, FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

Brainstorming this story was a lot of fun  and it was even more enjoyable penning the story. My favorite kind of stories to read and write about center around friends turned lovers. There’s just something about witnessing the evolution of a friendship transitioning from platonic to romantic *swoon*.

And that’s what you’ll get from my newest novella, Girl Code.

Check out the synopsis…

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New #EroticRomance Novella Coming Soon…Girl Code!

I just can’t help myself, y’all. People get addicted to all types of stuff. My addiction? Writing.

And like I said, I just can’t help myself.

The sound of the keys clicking as I write is like music to my ears. Seeing my crazy ideas come to life through the characters I create gives me a rush.

Like Diana Ross said, if there’s a cure, I don’t want it, chile. I love getting my fix.

And the result of that fix this time is, Girl Code!


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#NewRelease: ‘Love, Hate & Revenge, Part 1’ Available NOW On Amazon!!! (For 18 and older)

It’s here, it’s here!!! Part 1 of my new drama series Love, Hate & Revenge is out NOW on Amazon, FREE with Kindle Unlimited. I had a lot of fun brainstorming, creating the characters, and writing this story. It’s a three-part series that will take you inside the lives of three sisters motivated by three distinct feelings when it comes to their relationships – love, hate, and revenge.

You might think you have everything all figured out in regards to their lives after reading part 1, but by part 2, you’ll be thinking differently.

Here are three snippets from Part 1 of my short drama series, Love, Hate & Revenge, available for download NOW!!!


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‘No Fraternizing: Part 2’ Available On Amazon, FREE With Kindle Unlimited!

Hey Loves,

We’re in the final month of summer so it’s only right I drop a hot new release during summer’s hottest month. The No Fraternizing series returns with Part 2 and we pick right back up with Lila, Manny, and Ashley. In Part 1, the office door closed and y’all were left wondering what would happen after that. Well, what happens next will send our story in an interesting direction, giving you more insight into the characters personalities and background, more specifically Lila’s. Take a look at the synopsis below.


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#FreeReads: ‘Lena’s Ex-File: A Short Brooklyn Love Story’ Is Available For FREE Only For 24-HOURS!


Hey Loves,

For today only, Lena’s Ex-File is available as a FREE download exclusively on Amazon. Click the link below to read a synopsis, a sample and to download your FREE copy of Lena’s Ex-File: A Short Brooklyn Love Story today. The promotion is only good for 24-hours so don’t miss out!





#FreeReads: ‘Just Friends’ Is Available On Amazon for FREE for ONLY 24-hours!!



For a limited-time, I’ve made my short story Just Friends available for a free download for 24-hours! Just Friends is the nostalgic tale of childhood friends turned to lovers as adults living in Brooklyn.

In addition to a free download, readers who download Just Friends will get an exclusive first look at the complete FIRST chapter of Chateau Luxure. This is a longer sample that you won’t find on Amazon’s website. So if you’re curious about what Chateau Luxure has to offer, you’ll want to get Just Friends to read the completed first chapter.

Download your free story today and have something interesting to read this weekend!


‘Chateau Luxure: An Erotic Urban Short Story’ Is Available On Amazon For $0.99!


This was probably one of my most favorite stories to write. Mainly because I thought a bit unconventionally, but still tried to keep it sweet and sexy. So here’s a story of a woman brought to a luxurious castle-like mansion to have an experience she’s always wanted but never had. This will keep you interested from the first page, promise! Check the synopsis.


It’s Monah’s 30th birthday, and she’s dining out with her best friends Tasha and Simone when she unintentionally reveals that she’s never had an orgasm… ever. This new knowledge about their friend doesn’t sit right with Tasha and Simone so they come up with a plan to bring Monah to a place where the men are gorgeous and the atmosphere is even better, Chateau Luxure.

Chateau Luxure turns out to be an very exclusive property that’s not quite a lounge and definitely not a hotel. This place is unlike any place Monah has ever been and she’ll learn exactly what it is when she walks through the doors and finds the perfect Mr. Right Now. The owner of the property tells her it’s heaven reincarnated and Monah will find out just how heavenly her stay will be.

If diamonds really are a girl’s best friend, Chateau Luxure is where she brings them.

Get ready for an exciting read as you walk through the doors of the mysterious Chateau Luxure where the men always deliver quality, guaranteed.


‘No Fraternizing – An Erotic Urban Novella, Part 1’ Available on Amazon NOW!



For 4 years, Lila Moore has lusted after barbershop owner Manny Perez, longing for the day when he’d give into his desires and give her the best sex she believes she deserves. From the first day they met, their sexual attraction to one another has been magnetic.
As Kuts Kings first and only female barber, Lila has to hold her own and be one of the guys to fit in. But she worries her down-to-earth personality may be what’s keeping Manny from finally making the first move.

But that’s not the only thing keeping them apart.

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