Cover Reveal: They Call Me Mello

I’m so excited to reveal the cover for my next release, They Call Me Mello. This story is a spinoff of my series No Fraternizing where Mello first made his appearance in book 2 and 3.

In the near future, I’ll publish a post on here on what to expect from his story. But for now, here is the cover and synopsis.

Here we go…


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BK Insiders List Is Open Until Midnight

This story is the next short story to be sent exclusively to BK Insiders.

Last month, I decided to close the list after an incident.  Moving forward, I will offer the option of joining every once in a while. Today is that once in a while lol.

Sign up before midnight and receive two short stories, An Unexpected Love and He Played Me, which will be delivered to your inbox when you join. You’ll also get this new story, 3 In The Morning, tomorrow, 4/4.

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What Would A G-Rated Story, By Me, Read Like?

Let’s try something a little different, shall we??

I wrote my first sex scene by accident. It was in college, sophomore year. My characters… they just wanted to do a little more than just kiss that night. So, I went with the flow, let them do their thing and what resulted was something hot! And it was love at first type.

In high school, when I wasn’t acting a fool with friends, I spent a lot of my time writing short stories in a black and white composition notebook. I didn’t consider them to be short stories. They didn’t follow the typical format of a short story but they weren’t diaries either. To me, I was writing what I saw in my mind.

The stories were always cutesy little boy meets girl type tales but the urban version with comedic vibes. I liked the quirky flawed girl storylines, a lot.  The highlight for me were the kissing scenes with the guys who she would consider way out of her league. I used to write the hell out of a kissing scene! Around that time, I read a few books by romance authors but my genre of choice was suspense, thrillers.

Edgar Allen Poe’s shorts were my thing. When I wasn’t reading his stuff, I was sneaking peeks at Zane’s anthologies. I am in love with erotic fiction but I got a thing for suspense, it’s like my side boo… even till this day… especially in movies. I add a little suspense in my erotic fiction but it’s subtle and appears in the form of twists most of the time. In fact, in my subscriber only story I’m releasing in a few days (you can read about that drama surrounding that here if you care to), there’s some suspense weaved into the storyline.

About two years ago, I participated in a short story contest. Submitting my story created a domino effect for me, resulting in me challenging myself every month since then to write a short story off the top of my head. It’s a challenge because I’m all about planning out my stories and creating outlines before typing a single word.

For the contest, writers were asked to write a short story, under 900 words, using a prompt and the story had to be written fresh with little errors… in one day. I was so stressed that day and almost didn’t submit what I’d written. I’ve participated in this contest at least three times, always feeling like I should just give up midway.

But I did, submit, and that time I won, placing first under another pen name… and I’m posting that story here today.

They loved it… but can I keep your attention when there’s 0% intimacy involved? Let me know!


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Someone Accused Me Of Plagiarism…

Yesterday, I sent out an email to my BK Insiders List subscribers about an exclusive free short story I was sending their way. If you are familiar with my writing, you know that writing and posting short stories at no charge is something I do often. As I’ve explained on my blog where most of my short stories go, writing shorts helps me exercise my writing muscle, a.k.a. my brain. It also helps with taking a break from writing my novellas since writing a book can be taxing.

I don’t get any money from my blog. I don’t host ads for a reason because it really is a place where I can post freely and creatively. And I don’t sell my books here… yet.

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#ShortStory: Wyd

Author’s Note:

What’s it like looking for love in a hook-up culture?  This was the question I asked myself while being nosy. I was sitting next to a  20-something woman when she received a text that simply read, “wyd.” I wasn’t trying to look and my eyesight sucks, so I’m not even sure how I was able to read that, but I did lol. My eyes just literally went there on their own ??‍♀️, I promise. Anyway she rolled her eyes at the message and put her phone away and from her reaction I was inspired to write a story. I’m not sure if she ever responded. I don’t even know if the text came from someone she’s been intimate with. But the idea for the story came to mind and here is the result. I’ve had this photo saved in my photo inspo stash and thought it was perfect to build on the story I had. I wrote this during that bus ride and forced myself to only edit it twice. I’m a serial perfectionist so the latter is a struggle for me, but I write these stories with no outline, zero character development, and less editing to challenge myself… but I digress.

This month, I have a couple more stories publishing. All with a different take on love. I’m in the minority who believes there isn’t a right or wrong way to fall in love. I do think we can find it in ways that makes us happy and not base our choices on what others feel is right or acceptable. And this story illustrates that. Let me know what you think!


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#MrandMrsJonesNovella: What To Expect From ‘Mr. & Mrs. Jones’

My next release, Mr. & Mrs. Jones, drops in 30 days which means it’s time to divulge a little information.

The writing process for this book was one of the most enjoyable processes I’ve ever experienced since I began my journey as an urban erotic romance writer. Life was still happening outside of my computer. I won’t lie and make it appear as if everything was easy.

But writing a love story starring two of my favorite characters… yeah, I had fun.

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[DAY 12] M I M O S A

T H E  T A S T E… bubbly orange juice with a kick. This is the drink you have when you want to get a little nice before an appropriate drinking hour. But don’t get it twisted, you can get drunk off this shit, even with that OJ present. You see, they add the orange juice as a way to make it seem like a breakfast drink. But the avid Mimosa drinker knows what’s up. This drink is like class in a glass with a side of sass. Responsibility mixed with excitement. It’s the undercover delight on the drink menu that’s a bit toned down… but not toned down enough to be dry or boring. It’s liquid balance with equal parts alcohol and juice. But let’s not forget, there’s champagne in that glass and we all know that champagne is all about a good time despite being coupled up with citrus.


(A vignette from the Drinks On Me Series)

The caress of his hand moving along my outer thigh made my eyes peel open. It was barely morning. The sun not yet risen. Hints of mimosa remained on my tongue hours after I enjoyed two glasses of it at an untraditional hour last night. We chose to stay in and skip the holiday party the night before. Our little date night at home that almost ended in us making another baby.

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[DAY 11] S C R E W D R I V E R

T H E  T A S T E… a Screwdriver is not a “vanilla” drink although if you’ve tasted it enough times, you can spot hints of the flavor married in the taste. Because of the mix of orange juice and vodka, Screwdrivers are smooth going down and has a tinge of spice in the aftertaste. When you take your first sip, chances are you’ll screw your face up at the taste. You can’t help it. The vodka is potent and although it is hidden a bit by the orange juice, it does little to keep you from having this reaction. This drink is not like it’s more acceptable drink sister, Mimosa. Though it’s fruity, it isn’t bubbly. Nor does it care to be. It’s got bite. Liquid sass. A Screwdriver is a simple drink, an easy sip. All it takes is you having it once (a good mix at least) for you to want it all the time.


(A vignette from the Drinks On Me Series)

I pressed my mouth against his and tasted the vodka on his lips. The stubble of his beard tickled my chin and sent a charge between my thighs.

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[DAY 10] R U M & C O K E

T H E  T A S T E… when sugar meets spice. Both drinks on their own are satisfying. One quenches thirsts while the other facilitates illicit behavior. One is exotic while the other is a classic. You’ll either like the taste of a Rum & Coke or you’ll hate it, there really is no in between. It’s smooth and an easy order which is probably why it’s a popular choice at the bar. You know what you’re going to get when you request this mix. Comfort in a glass with just the right amount of heat and sweet needed to get you drunk with sense.


(A vignette from the Drinks On Me Series)

The cab had barely braked when Jaxson pulled open the door and I nudged him inside the car. The asphalt below my feet if I didn’t know any better slanted downward, uneven, as I stumbled into my seat. Mumbled words from the cabbie’s lips found its way through the Plexiglas separating the backseat from the front. A hazy night at least from my view, with the blur of Christmas lights glowing through the frosted back windows.

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