[DAY 5] D I R T Y | M A R T I N I

T H E  T A S T E… definitely not your ordinary Martini. Those with high-brow attitudes look down at the thought of letting a Dirty Martini touch their lips. The dirty secret behind a Dirty Martini is that the unique taste is achieved from adding olive juice, giving this drink a brine taste. It hides the presence of alcohol and delivers a heathy dose of flavor in an otherwise high-octane drink. What makes Dirty Martinis appealing to most is that it gets you drunk without you having to actually taste the liquor.


(A vignette from the Drinks On Me Series)

“Good Evening,” the polite hostess said as she greeted me near the front of the restaurant. Her hand reached for the menus tucked discretely beside the welcome desk.

“How many people are in your party tonight?”

I smiled. “Just me.”

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[DAY 4] S P I K E D | P U N C H

T H E  T A S T E… fruit punch with bite. The sweetness of Spiked Punch makes some drinkers take for granted how intoxicated they can get messing with it, and just how much control the punch can snatch away… if they aren’t careful. Underestimate its power, and it’ll make you do things you’d never do when sober and in control.


(A vignette from the Drinks On Me Series)

I mustered up the energy needed to push my boss Cash down on to his office couch. I’d been waiting all day to do this. Have him under my control for once.

My spell.

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[DAY 3] S P I C E D | W I N E

T H E  T A S T E… wine brewed with spices. Popularly known as Mulled wine, this type of wine is served hot or warm. In short, it’s wine with an attitude. A drink that combines sweet with heat and isn’t what you’d expect something “sophisticated” like wine to taste like.


(A vignette from the Drinks On Me Series)

The crackle of fire slow dancing over charred logs filled the quiet space when we collapsed beside each other. Our chests moved in sync, us both fighting to pull in air.

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[Day 2] C H A M P A G N E

T H E  T A S T E… sparkling wine. Champagne is like a party in a glass. With fresh and bright notes, Champagne is only brought out in times of celebrations. This isn’t a casual kind of drink unless you’re paid and got it like that… to sip on the best at least. But even if you are the kind to not have it often, if it’s really good, you’ll never forget its name. 


(A vignette from the Drinks On Me Series)

For some people, club lights can be a little blinding. The music too loud. And the people beyond obnoxious.

But this was my second home.

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Drinks On Me

For me, creating projects around the holidays is significant because holidays are markers in time that are consistent making a holiday project something you can return to every year and not get bored with reading… hopefully.

Last Christmas, I released my short story Unsilent Knight and made it available for free for five days. I knew I didn’t want to publish another short via Amazon this year so I decided to come up with something else.

At first, I thought about blogging every day for the month of December. But the way my patience is set up, I wouldn’t make it past day ten. Plus, when I actually sat down to plan the blog posts, the topics were all over the place and I didn’t find them interesting which led me to believe you wouldn’t either. If I can’t enjoy writing it I will not commit to it.

So then I thought about writing a blog post every day from the 1st to the 25th. Youtubers and some bloggers do something similar called Vlogmas or Blogmas where they create content every day until Christmas day.

But again, the way my patience is set up… nah.

And that’s when I came up with the idea for Drinks on Me.

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#NewRelease: ‘Forbidden: An Anthology’ Is Now Available On Amazon!

Your new guilty pleasure is now LIVE on Amazon and FREE with Kindle Unlimited! Every time I release a book, I feel a rush of excitement and nerves. It’s like a cocktail of anxiety. This is one book I had to step out of my comfort zone to write and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

Check out the synopsis and click the link to read a sample and download your copy today. Happy Halloween 🎃.


12 characters. 5 short stories. 1 book

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The Making of ‘Forbidden: An Anthology’

In two weeks I’ll release my 12th self-published book on Amazon. Well, technically, it’s my 5th actual book since most of what I self-publish are short stories but I digress. The book is Forbidden, and it was one of my most challenging books I’ve worked on. The process was tedious but I’m ecstatic with what I’ve created. Months of research and creating character profiles has resulted in well-told stories that offers the one thing I search for in books, the perfect escape. So, since we’re inching closer to Halloween, the release day for my Forbidden Anthology, I’m ready to talk about the creative process behind it.

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#ShortStory: Muse

Author’s Note:

Hey, y’all and happy fall!

I got inspired by a photo the other day so I’m back with a new short story lol. I’ve been spending a lot of time working on one of my final books for 2017, “Mr & Mrs. Jones,” the sequel to my novella “Girl Code.” In both stories, one of the characters, Amir, is always talking about how another character, Melodee, is his muse. So, this was also one of the inspirations behind the title of this short. 

I wrote this short in a few hours and self-edited it in one day. I forced myself not to edit it for longer just to keep to my own challenge of producing a story    that’s raw and less than perfect. I’m one of those writers who prefers to organize everything. Flesh out characters and plots. Research and outline details before I even sit in front of a blank page. So, I use my short stories to step out of my comfort zone and to make things up on the fly. And here is the product of that.

Enjoy and as always, let me know what you think!

Title: Muse

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